Bernanke Speaks in Boston

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke spoke today in Boston at a conference sponsored by the Boston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank about bank policies and options in a low inflation economy (see transcript). Here is the video: – JSM

Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gifts.

There are 83 million moms in the United States! I just came home from the florist with my children ($10.47 in flowers), am getting ready to order pizza ($25 for two extra large at Pappa John’s), and settling in for a movie night with my children ($40 for new dvds) for our little Mother’s Day

The Politics of Bernanke’s Reappointment

The Senate today confirmed Chairmen Bernanke’s reappointment to a second term at the Federal Reserve by a vote of 70 to 30 (See Bernanke Confirmed). As concerns abounded about the extent of the Federal Reserve’s independence, Senator Schummer commented: “If you don’t like monetary policy when the Fed does it just wait until the politicians

Nice Teaching Case: Home Sold Twice

Ben Davis sent this link out to the contracts professors list serve. The case involves a home sold twice . . . apparently by mistake: once as a short sale and then at foreclosure days later. The new owners, thankfully, recorded their deed and bought title insurance, but it has been quite a headache