Commercial Law Welcomes Glenys Spence!

Commercial Law is pleased to announce Professor Glenys Spence as our newest guest blogger. Professor Spence practiced civil litigation and immigration law both as a solo practitioner as well as with JBM Immigration Group. In her practice she has represented clients in family-based immigration and deportation defense since 2007. Glenys is an Assistant Professor at

Commercial Law Course Survey Update

I have received 70 responses so far. Once again, I am only reporting the raw numbers to this point, so the percentages reflect the number of times the course option was selected as against the other options (including write in variations). I also include a list of institutions in which someone has posted a response,

Spot Light Shines on Debit Card Interchange (Finally)

For several years now the hot payment card story has been the rising interchange fees effectively paid by merchants to card-issuing banks on credit card transactions. A major class action attacking those fees is well underway, and the Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, has an open investigation. Commentators have disagreed about whether market competition between